Seen any Pacific Gulls lately?


Be on the lookout for banded Pacific Gulls – alive or dead.

A number of people have been banding Pacific Gulls over the past few years: – Clive Minton and the Victorian Wader Study Group, around Victoria – Peter Dann, at Phillip Island, Victoria – Bill Wakefield, around Hobart, Tasmania – Cath Meathrel, in the Furneaux Group, Tasmania – me, Bruce Robertson, in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

All birds have at least one band, of stainless steel. Some birds were also banded with a unique colour combination using Darvic/plastic bands. Others were banded with a large aluminium band with a unique number stamped four times around the band.

From previous recoveries of banded birds, we know that first year birds from last breeding season will be doing their post-fledging dispersal now. We also know that up to 50% of all first year birds will die before their first birthday.

In 2006 Bruce Robertson banded over 500 chicks on Goose Island, Tasmania. This is the most birds ever banded in the one place at the one time. It gives us a unique chance to investigate post-fledging dispersal. It also is our best ever chance to find out whether any birds move north to Victoria, across Bass Strait.

We need the help of people like you who are to be our eyes and ears for us around coastal Victoria.

Bands recovered from dead birds can be sent to the Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme, GPO Box 8, Canberra 2601.

Sight records, even without full details, are still of value to Bruce. Please let him know of the whereabouts of any live banded birds that you see.

Bruce Robertson 16 Ellen Close Warragul 3820 Mobile: 0427 231 344 Fax: 0356 236 327 Email: