FoGL Silt Jetties brochure

The Mitchell River delta and its silt jetties, is one of the world’s most
significant ‘finger’ deltas and 6,000 to 10,000 years old.

Download this useful brochure and before going to visit the Silt Jetties



2016 Plans to Protect and Rehabilitate the Silt Jetties into the Future

UPDATE 2023 : it appears some of this never happened. Why ?

FOGL members gathered in 2016 at the Silt Jetties to hear from Parks Victoria’s Sean Phillipson, Manager for Regional Delivery, about plans to protect and rehabilitate this special part of the Gippsland Lakes.

As a stakeholder having had major projects along the Silt Jetties for ten years, FOGL was involved in workshops regarding their future and had input into the development of the current plans, so we were keen to hear how they are being implemented.

Sean showed us maps and gave an extremely interesting talk explaining the background to concerns about instabilities of the Silt Jetties Read More

Mathieson’s Paddock

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