Successful Planting Day at Ocean Grange

In conjunction with Ocean Grange Environmental Action Group, FOGL members planted approx. 800 indigenous understorey plants on Saturday 9 September.

14 members were originally keen to go across the waters to help out but the forecast of strong winds exceeding 30 knots meant that the passage was unsuitable for some vessels.

Nevertheless OGEAG members residing at Ocean Grange were keen to push ahead so Joe Stephens, James McDonald, Nancy McMurray and Maurice Burns went across in the Parks Vic boat where they were joined by John and Anne Schmidli.

The plants got planted and a convivial time was had. Thank you Trevor Brodribb for your hospitality. Trevor and Rossy are to be congratulated for all the preparatory work they put into fencing, getting the plants across from the mainland etc..

ogeag_plantingday09_09_2006_14.JPG ogeag_plantingday09_09_2006_08.JPG ogeag_plantingday09_09_2006_11.JPG
ogeag_plantingday09_09_2006_07.JPG ogeag_plantingday09_09_2006_18.JPG