PWG Meeting, DSE Offices

A Project, Works and Grants subcommittee Meeting has been called for Wednesday 3 May at 5:00pm at the DSE Offices, 574 Main St., Bairnsdale to discuss and make plans for;

1. Logo Competition
Continuing publicity
Exhibition and announcement ceremony at Nyerimilang
Competition finances

2. Professor John Sherwood will speak on ‘Estuary Dynamics’ at TAFE Institute on the evening of June 1.
CA/Cc are sponsoring this event, FOGL have been invited to conduct the event as a chance to speak to a wider audience about FOGL, attract membership. How best to achieve this outcome?

3. Joe Stephens will conduct a weekend day tour of Nyerimilang Park – discuss date, format and publicity.

4. Role and responsibility in acquitting, if Envirofund application is successful, the project of eradicating foxes and pigs from Boole Poole in Spring/Summer 06/07.

… and any other projects that Members may like to get the ball rolling on.