The Friends of the Gippsland Lakes provides an avenue for interested persons to participate in projects and activities to enhance the environment, amenity and facilities within the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, Lakes National Park, Blond Bay Reserve, Gippsland Lakes Reserve and crown land frontages abutting the Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, Australia.

We are very keen to collaborate with other groups, agencies and people with similar interests to our Friends group and we are also committed to promoting the values and assets of the Lakes, Parks and Reserves, initially in the area between Loch Sport in the west and Lakes Entrance in the east.

We urge you to join the Friends of the Gippsland Lakes and help protect our precious fragile environment.


The importance of protecting and enhancing biodiversity, the natural environment and unique eco-systems of the Gippsland Lakes Parks and Reserves is recognized, respected and highly valued by the community and is reflected in all aspects of planning, land use and tourism.


FOGL actively strives to protect and enhance the natural environment and biodiversity of the Gippsland Lakes area through research, evidence-based submissions to government bodies, initiation of on-ground projects and engaging the community through activities and education.

Loch Sport to Lakes Entrance