About Friends of the Gippsland Lakes

Saturday 8 December 2018

The Friends of the Gippsland Lakes began 18 years ago to provide an avenue for interested persons to participate in projects and activities that enhance the environment, amenity and facilities within the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, Lakes National Park, Blond Bay Reserve, Gippsland Lakes Reserve and crown land frontages abutting the Gippsland Lakes.

However the scope is now more flexible and we have a general and keen interest in any initiatives that preserve and maintain the health of the whole lakes system and associated coastline.

FoGL are keen collaborators with the many other environmental groups, agencies and people around East Gippsland and are committed to promoting the values and assets of the Lakes, Parks and Reserves.

“We so lucky to have such a unique ecosystem as our backyard” said Vice President, Heather Oke, “and it’s imperative that we value, protect and enhance the natural environment and biodiversity of our special, Ramsar-listed lakes system so that it can continue to be enjoyed by our children, the generations to come”

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