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Nicholson River Landcare share strategies with FoGL

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On Saturday May 4th, Nicholson River Landcare hosted 10 members of Friends of the Gippsland Lakes Parks and Reserves on walks on the properties of Leo Rijs and Jim Stephenson. The work of carbon trading company Citola in planting 50000 trees using the “rip and mound” method on the Rijs property was highlighted. The President […]

Sea spurge – an invasive threat in the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park

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Sea spurge, Euphorbia paralias, is an invasive beach weed that originated from Europe. Sea spurge was probably introduced to Australia in ships’ ballast water about 70 years ago. The plant first appeared in Western Australia and is now found throughout south-eastern Australia, including Tasmania and the islands of Bass Strait. The weed is now in […]

FoGL’s annual Boole Poole monitoring project

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FoGL’s concern that introduced browsers, namely Hog Deer, have a negative impact on biodiversity in the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park has led to an annual monitoring project to record species and recruitment, survivability and growth rates of native plant species on Boole Poole. Assistance has been provided by Bruce Macpherson, Conservation and Land Management, Forestec […]

Spring comes to Macleod Morass

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Friends of the Parks and Reserves of the Gippsland Lakes (FoGL) held a very well attended Springtime walk at Macleod Morass on Saturday October 13th. After the rejuvenation of Winter and Spring, the Morass is a hive of activity. This 520 hectare fresh water marsh is part of a worldwide scheme to protect and enhance […]

Burnt Bridge Guided Night Walk

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The Friends of the Parks & Reserves of the Gippsland Lakes (FoGL) in association with Parks Victoria invite the community to a summer spotlight night walk to observe nocturnal animals in the wild. The activity will be held at Burnt Bridge in the Lake Tyers Forest Park located on the Princes Highway 11 Kilometres east […]

Macleod Morass Canoe Paddle Friday 11 November

Parks Victoria Ranger in Charge of the Bairnsdale area Jeremy Tscharke expressed how pleased he was with the turn out, and was amazed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the guide Jim Reside. The Macleod Morass is an exciting and diverse freshwater environment. Community field trips such as this one help the public to better […]

FoGL Macleod Morass Planting Sat 8th October

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Prep site 27th August Planting 8th October (bbq on Planting Day 1230-1315) Thanks to Coastcare Victoria (for the funding) and Parks Victoria (for the invaluable assistance), FoGL planted a 3000 sqm area alongside Macleod Morass on Saturday 8th October. Our hard-working members who did attend got the site planted out and Hughy rewarded our hard […]